Hidden Truths: Home Loans Revealed

Investment Properties: Make The Right Choice

Property investment is seen as more stable than shares, and there can be the tax advantages associated with negative gearing. read more

Business Equipment Purchases

Are you in need of a fresh set of office equipment, but don’t have the finances available to cover their costs? Maybe you could do with a helping hand from a reliable, reputable lender? If this sounds like you, Equipment Loans Online are here to help. We specialise in connecting our clients with affordable equipment financing for businesses, so that ideal office could soon be yours if your application is successful.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Many people at various stages in their life find themselves in a position where they require a bad credit mortgage to make a home purchase. read more

To fix or not to fix? We answer your questions.

Fixing your Sydney mortgage interest rate simply means that you fix the rate you pay for set period of time, and you know your budget won’t be affected by the fluctuations of the market. read more

Online Mortgage Broker

Specialising in a rapid service that you can rely on, our team at Tundra are mortgage brokers that work a little differently to the norm. We proudly offer online application solutions that could help you to speed up the process, without requiring you to even leave your living room. We work with a variety of reliable lenders and once we receive your application, we’ll set about comparing interest rates to connect you with the right type of home loan for your needs.

Is The Honeymoon Over?

Want to know more about introductory home loans? read more

First Home Buyer Loan

Looking for honest, reliable advice about buying your first home? read more