Blacktown Mortgage Broker

Looking for low mortgage interest rates?  Searching for a home loan with great features?  Or simply want a basic mortgage that’s easy to manage?  Whatever your needs, a local Blacktown mortgage broker will help you every step of the way.

Mortgage Choice
With us, you have access to over 30 mortgage lenders, ranging from the big banks to non-bank lenders.  This allows you to really see what options are out there for you, and then you can simply pick the mortgage that suits you the best.  Because all of our broker are qualified and experiences, you can always trust our recommendations. We consistently work towards the highest levels of professionalism and industry standards, to deliver you a loan that meets your needs on every level.

Choosing the right home loan
This really depends upon the type of property you are purchasing, what your goals are and your lifestyle.  For example, if you like security and no fuss, a fixed mortgage may be for you.  Alternatively if you want to take advantage of changing rates, great features and more flexibility you may prefer to stick to a variable home loan rate.  What if you are building your own home?  How does a construction loan or interest only loan sound?  Whatever your circumstances, we’ll match the right home loan to you.

Our service is free
You do not pay the mortgage broker for the services.  All of our services are designed to be of no cost to you.  Instead, y mortgage broker is paid by the lender once settlement goes through.  Regardless of how much the lender pays the broker, you will still pay the same rate.  The mortgage rate you pay on a loan is generally the same as if you had gone directly to that lender yourself.

Borrowing Capacity
The amount you can borrow depends on your income and existing financial commitments. Lenders assess your financial situation using their own unique serviceability calculators to determine the total amount you can borrow, usually up to 80% of the property’s value. You may borrow above 80% of your property’s value, but this could mean you’re subject to additional credit criteria and be required to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance, which is usually charged as a one-off premium and calculated on a sliding scale.

Call us today on or submit your details on line, so we can find you the home loan you need.  It’s as easy as that!