Bondi Junction Mortgage Brokers

If you need a home loan, then you need us.  Our mortgage brokers have experience and training on their side, and can help you find a great home loan.  

Personal Advice
Everyone has unique needs and should find a financial product that suits them. Likewise there are so many financial products in the marketplace today. The key to all of this lies in research so that you find solutions that suit you, and not just the banks and lenders. We all work hard for our money, so maximizing it and reducing interest payments are a desired outcome. Pay less in interest and reduce the principle owing faster. It sounds simple, yet many people still could be in a better financial situation if they had the correct advice. This is what we aim to assist you with.

Compare Mortgage
It is important that before you sign anything, you compare mortgages and see what various options are available to you.  Don’t just accept what your bank says, shop around and consider non-bank lenders too.  Your mortgage broker can actually do a lot of this hard work for you, then present you with a great shortlist of options to choose from.  We can secure you a great home loan, fast approval and all of this with a smile.

Home Loan Fees
It’s not just the mortgage that you need to pay for.  Most home loans come with annual account fees, some loans may have charges for early repayments and some home loans require you to pay lenders mortgage insurance.  LMI is usually only charged when you borrow more than 80% of the property price, such as with a no-deposit home loan for example.  It is a one off fee that you pay to protect the lender in the event that you default on the loan and the property is sold but makes a loss.  All these extra fees can add up, so talk to your local mortgage broker today to find out more.

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